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Alert: Starbucks Now Offers Avocado Toast

It’s a universal truth that coffee and avocados are two things that should always be treated with the utmost attention, which is why the world’s chill has evaporated at this news: Starbucks and avocado toast have permanently united.

In an effort to “fuel the warmer days ahead,” Starbucks announced Tuesday that stores nationwide will now offer Organic Avocado Spread to be lovingly smeared atop any and all of your favorite breakfast food items. The extra-smooth spread, which was previously available only in select markets, is made from fresh, organic Hass avocados, sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño, and lime juice, and sounds pretty close to guacamole, which, score.

Another aspect of the spread the Internet’s been quick to point out: It’s green. Like, really, really green. So green, in fact, that some avocado aficionados are calling out the color as a little odd among the mostly effusive reviews that have started surfacing up on social media.

If you’re hyper-fixated on the shade of your breakfast, you’ll be pleased to know the chain’s new health kick doesn’t begin and end with avocado spread: Starbucks also introduced options that include a gluten-free Canadian bacon breakfast sandwich; a vegan bagel topped with whole-grain oats, brown and golden flax, sunflower seeds and wheat (and probably goes great with avocado spread, just saying); and various new yogurt flavors. There are also a few new packaged food options: Country Archer Jerky, Droga Money on Honey Dark Chocolate French Sea Salt, Bissinger’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Mini, Goodie Girl Mint Slims.

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